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For both serious golfers and weekend warriors alike, certain injuries tend to creep up in sports with repetitive, specific movement patterns. Instead of going to your general practitioner for help, it may be beneficial to a therapist who specializes in diagnosing deficits in the movement patterns associated with golf.

Owner Michael Testa is the only Titleist Performance Institute certified physical therapist in the four corners area. He has the knowledge and experience to alleviate your pain, improve your performance and get you back out on the golf course as soon as possible.

Titleist Performance Institute certified physical therapist

Golf Rehabilitation and Therapy Process

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Find the Root Cause

We don’t just want to fix the pain you are having, we want find the root cause of that pain. After looking at your movement patterns, swing, and tension or injury we’ll sit down with you to explain your diagnosis. By the end of your meeting, you’ll understand your condition.

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Get Your Individualized Plan

Each patient gets a customized plan with specific exercises and treatment to start attacking your problem right away. Most of our patients see at least a small improvement immediately.

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Understand How to Stay on the Links

Armed with the knowledge and exercises you’ve gained during the process of recovery you will be equipped with everything you need to get back out on the course and stay there in a healthy way, performing at your best!

Feel better and  play your best

Mike will help you increase distance, play pain-free, play more consistent and imporve your scores:

Each assessment will begin with a TPI physical screen which assesses the specific movement patterns required for golf. This screen examines the golfer’s flexibility, stability, balance and strength. A limitation in one of these areas can lead to an inefficient and inconsistent golf swing. Once we understand how your swing characteristics and physical limitations are related, we can work with you to develop a unique plan to help improve your game.

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Golfers, why SETTLE FOR TREATMENT BY A PT who does not specialize in golf rehab when there’s a Tpi certified pt available in durango!


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